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Drunken Chicken first opened in Runaway Bay in early 2005 and stemming from its success our second store opened in Robina in 2007. It developed from a passion for healthy food and the realisation of the lack of its availability in the fast food market for the health and quality conscious local. Traditional and unique family recipes have combined with modern day processes and have resulted in Drunken Chicken providing a home cooked meal with the convenience of take away and great value for money.


Each of the two flavours of Drunken Chicken, the Red Wine Chicken and the Champagne Chicken, is stuffed with a unique side dish, adding new meaning to the phrase….”it’s what’s inside that counts”. This innovative and gourmet product is made from only the freshest and highest quality produce sourced from local suppliers. At Drunken Chicken we are proud to serve our loyal customer base and are always excited to introduce a new taste sensation to those who first walk through our doors.


”It’s what’s inside that counts”.

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